Veggie Dumplings (Vegan)

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Moist, juicy dumplings. Freshly made they are a staple homestyle food. Chinese dumplings, also known as 餃子 (Jiaozi), were invented around 1800 years ago. In Chinese culture, they symbolize replacing the old with new. An important tradition is to make and eat fresh Jiaozi for Chinese New Year. Our family sits down to make the dumplings together. We roll the dough and add succulent fillings on New Year's Eve. We wait just past midnight to eat the Jiaozi fresh on New Year's Day. At Sun’s Kitchens, we base our dumplings on our family recipe.

Our dumplings are completely made from scratch, including the wrappers. The  wrappers are colored with fresh vegetable juice. 

CONTAINS: Wheat, Soy