Our Story

At Sun's Kitchens, every bite is an adventure. We serve authentic homestyle Chinese cuisine found in China’s street-side restaurants where the locals eat.

A different world of tastes and cooking awaits when you travel away from the city center. You find genuine food flavors from other regions of China down the hidden back streets.

The Chúshī (Chef) makes the meal within minutes right in front of you. People like food made from scratch as it's fresh and authentic with a personal touch. They may steam, stew, and braise, tossing freshly picked ingredients into a wok.

It's a unique insight into a diverse culture where regional dishes have distinct tastes and styles. Thousands of years of history, geography, cooking practices, and resources influence these different appetites.

What makes our homestyle Chinese street foods attractive is the eclectic flavors, personal touch, authenticity, culture, and rich history that our fresh meals represent. Everyone wants to try the local foods away from tourist centers. With each morsel, you can learn and enjoy the local culture, place, and rich history.

Our Chinese restaurant serves cuisine created from my dad's family recipes and inspired by street foods all over China.

The story of Sun's Kitchens starts with a young Brian Sun living in Beijing. Steamy aromas and exotic tastes drew him to the rich Chinese street food culture.

Among his favorite Chinese foods are Zhajiang Mian, Jian Bing, Dumplings, Yang Rou Chuan (lamb skewers), You Tiao, Meat Baos, and Sesame Noodles. When he was 12, Brian left these flavorful experiences behind, moving with his family to the USA.

Around the same time, Mandy was learning how to cook spicy Szechuan style Chinese food. For ten years, she worked in her family's restaurant in Washington, DC. There she developed a passion for making delicious foods.

Eight years ago, Brian returned to China, venturing into its many regions. He sort-out the street food vendors hidden away from tourists. Their meals reflected their rich cultures and history.

Sun's Kitchens is a collection of authentic Chinese food. Together, Brian and Mandy bring China's street foods to Charlotte with Sun's Kitchens' authentic Chinese homestyle cuisine. 

Once visitors, Brian and Mandy fell in love with Charlotte's rich ambiance, weather, culture, energy, and potential. Most importantly, though, it was the many great friends they made here. They've been to places all over the world, but Charlotte has always called to them to make it home.